Training Sessions

Our Training session schedule is on the Calendar page.

Tuesday speed and strength sessionsTuesdays: Track Session 7.00pm

Meet on the sports field behind Lymm High School. We usually have a Lymm Runners flag up to mark where we are, so if you’ve not been to this session before, aim for the flag! If there is no flag, then we’ll be the bunch of runners on the field, based near the cricket nets.

This session is ideal for anyone who wants to improve; whether you want to run faster and further, reach a pb for an upcoming event, or just improve your running fitness. Everyone works at their own ability, so whether you are speedy or just human (!) you will benefit.

The sessions are a mix of intervals, pacing drills and boot camp style fitness – either a combination of or as individual disciplines in each session.

See our Track Sessions webpage for more details.

Tuesdays: Social Whistle Run, 7.00pm

Meet outside Lymm Leisure Centre for a gentle, social group run. All runners muster at regular points to keep the group together. Lots of chatter with this friendly group. Routes vary and typically cover 4.5 – 5 miles

Wednesday: 9.15am from Lymm Library

Ideal if you have just dropped the kids off at school, or simply fancy a few miles in good company before your morning flashes past. This social running session covers between 4 and 5 miles in about an hour and has the option of a coffee stop at the end! Many routes are available using a mixture of road, lanes, trails and footpaths.

Lymm Runners near Lymm crossThursday: 7.00pm from Lymm Leisure Centre

ROAD RUN – 7.00-8.00pm
Meet outside the Leisure Centre for 7pm sharp. This road running session is also suitable for all levels. Choose between 4, 5, 6 or 7+ miles. All groups aim to finish within the hour. Within each group, faster runners are encouraged to loop back to the slower runners at suitable intervals to keep the group together.

ROAD RUN – WINTER (Oct-March) 7.00-8.00pm
In the Winter we tend to stick to lit roads – and encourage all runners to wear hi-viz gear AND carry a head torch.

ROAD RUN – SUMMER (April-Sept) 7.00-8.00pm
During the summer months when the evenings are light the Thursday sessions use the many tracks, paths and quiet back lanes around Lymm, Thelwall and High Legh to provide some splendid, varied routes.

Sunday Leisurely Run:   8.30am Lymm Library

Whether you fancy 5 or 6 miles on a Sunday morning, or 10ish+, we will meet at 8.30am at Lymm Library and set off together. There will be two groups; one will run for about an hour; the other for about two. The pace will be relaxed.

Sunday Zippy Long Run: 8.30am Lymm Library

Starting in May we also offer a faster paced longer run; 10-12 miles at 8 – 9minute mile pace (or thereabouts!).

Accommodating Different Abilities

All running clubs comprise runners of differing speed and endurance. Our sessions accommodate a mix of abilities and sessions are structured so that whatever your fitness level you will be encouraged to train well and have the opportunity for self-challenge.

  • Thursday Road Runs – a range of distance groups are available ranging from 4 to 7+ miles (to be run in an hour)
  • Run Group Mustering – all run groups will muster; the run leader will set various mustering points, faster runners reach the point and then run back to enable the group to stay together. Quicker runners can repeatedly muster and run at their own training pace whereas slower runners do not get seperated or feel they are determining the pace for others.
  • Tuesday Sessions – whatever activity is planned the coach will be aware of different fitness levels and will suggest targets for you accordingly (for example, if you’ve run one it could be based on your recent Parkrun or 10K time).

When Running…

Please Note LR Club Run etiquette:

  • Wear something bright and reflective on evening sessions and/or when the weather is poor.
  • Stay off the road as much as possible, many Lymm roads are narrow and poorly lit. Your safety is paramount.
  • Look out for each other, run in small groups with similar pace.
  • Be ever aware of oncoming traffic in both directions.
  • Be conscious of the slower/lesser experienced runners who need a suitable rest point.
  • Welcome new faces and say hello to those you don’t know yet.

Ad-hoc runs are arranged on a casual basis between members. Use the club Facebook group to post for training partners and additional sessions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.


The Run Scheduler will maintain the session rota, communicating dates and contingency arrangements to run leaders in advance via email and Run Leader/Committee Facebook pages.
If you can volunteer to fill some sessions please let us know! Email:

Lymm Runners Run Leader Guide  Provides general advice on leading a run.

Weather to Run?

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