About Track Sessions

We know that turning up at the track for the first time – or after a break – can be intimidating. This page explains what’s so special about track sessions – and what to expect.

The Benefits

Track sessions can deliver real benefits to runners of all abilities and fitness levels.

Track Sessions are good for you!


Many track sessions involve running intervals (1 lap, 2 laps etc or certain periods of time such as 90secs, 2 mins) at increased effort. This is followed by a brief recovery, and then you do it again. And again… And soon you may be thinking that one more lap will require more effort than you can possibly deliver!Track runner

It’s called adaptation. And it’s how you started running.

You ran a bit, then you walked and recovered. You ran a bit more. Then you walked. Run, walk. Run, walk.
You look back at that now and see that it was an inevitable part of beginner running – a natural progression.

The track sessions, with their typical focus on interval training, are another form of adaptation training. Another natural progression. Run hard for a bit; recover. Run hard, recover. Very soon you will see your pace and endurance increase, your fitness improve and all the benefits will be yours.

Fitness Levels

Healthy HeartYou know that every beginner runner starts from a different place in terms of fitness. You don’t have to be ‘fit’ (or thin, or fast or whatever) to complete a walk-run programme.

The same is true of track-based interval training. It doesn’t matter what your current speed is, or your level of fitness, track training sessions will take you to your next level of running – whatever your starting point.


The Practicalities

If you’re at all apprehensive about just turning up please let us know and we’ll do our best to welcome you. If we know you’re coming we can make sure you don’t get locked out, assign a friendly running buddy to show you the ropes, and generally look after you. Email any of the names on the Contact Us page.

Where is it?

  • Victoria Park Athletics track is our winter training venue for Tuesdays (1st October 2017 – 31st March 2018)
    Address: Victoria Park, Knutsford Rd, Warrington WA4 1DU
  • There is plenty of free, lit car parking (it’s the same car park you would use for Warrington parkrun)

Time & Format

  • The session officially starts at 7.15 when the coach/leader will call a welcome and start the session with a structured warm up.  Lymm Runners have the use of the track from 7pm so if you get there before 7.15 please make a start on your own warm-up drill 🙂
  • The coach will explain the purpose and format of the track session. Whatever the goal of the session, most are divided into sets so even the keenest of runners get an enforced break and nobody will be expected to run hard for prolonged periods.
  • The session will end with a gentle cool-down and usually finishes about 8.20pm.


  • Victoria Park track is a synthetic (rubber) surface which is great for cushioning and grip. Trail shoes are not required!
  • It is floodlit so you won’t need head-torches or hi viz.
  • There are loos available
  • If you peel off coats / hats / hoodies etc, you can park them trackside whilst you train

Hints & Tips

  • Bring water or a sports drink.
  • Wear layers (you’ll be working hard when you get warm).
  • When you arrive at the track your first challenge is to get in!  Enter by the gate (it’s on the left as you face the track).Victoria Park - Track Gate

We look forward to seeing you there!