Race Results

This page lists all the races results for which members have participated in. Please click on the race link to get the report. Note we always have members running at the local Warrington Park Run and other parkruns, check out their results on the Park Run site.


Race Date Distance Race Notes
 18th Jun  ½ Marathon  Freckleton Half Marathon
 18th Jun 10K Port Sunlight 10K 
 18th Jun ½ Marathon Tameside Hero Half Marathon
 18th Jun Tameside Hell On The Fell 
 17th Jun  5K Hollins Green
 15thJun  5K Dunham Massey 5K 
 17th Jun  Tameside X Trail 
 11th Jun  10K  Run Through Tatton
 8th Jun 5K Bowdon
 4th June  ~7M Wincle Trout Run
 2nd June 5K  Birchwood Brook 5K
28th May Marathon   Liverpool RnR Full 
28th May ½ Marathon Liverpool RnR Half 
28th May ½ Marathon Great Manchester Run Half 
28th May 10K Great Manchester Run 10K
28th May  10M Blackpool Promenade 10M 
 26th May 5K Dunham Massey#1 
23rd May ½ Marathon   Chester Half
23rd May ½ Marathon  Snowdonia Half
23rd May 10K Lancaster 10K
22nd May Outlaw Half Ironman
 21st May 5K Christleton  
 14th May 34M Helsby Sandstone Trail Challenge 
 8th May 110M Hardmoors 110
  8th May  14M Kentmere Trail Challenge
  8th May  14K Kentmere Trail Race
  8th May  10K Market Drayton 10k
 8th May  10K Liverpool Spring 10K
 5nd May  5M Round the runway 5
28th Apr 5K Mid-Cheshire
23rd Apr Marathon  London Marathon  Jonnie & Steve set club records
23rd Apr  ½ Marathon Blackpool Half Marathon
23rd Apr 10K Whitley
 23rd Apr 10K Stella Drilling 10K
 16th Apr  10K Crewe 10K
 16th Apr  5M Hale 5M
 16th Apr  5M Chester Spring 5  Lee sets new record
 16th Apr  5K Llandudno Easter 5K
 9th Apr  Marathon Brighton Marathon
 2nd Apr  Marathon  Manchester Marathon
 2nd Apr  ½ Marathon Liverpool Half
 26th Mar 14M Conniston
 26th Mar  10K Cheshire 10K
 25th Mar 5M WRC Spring 5
 19th Mar 55M  Hardmoors 55
 19th Mar  20M  Trimpell 20
 19th Mar   ½ Marathon Wilmslow
 12th Mar 20M Wrexham 20 Emma & Mary set age records
 5th Mar  ½ Marathon  Anglesea Half Marathon
 5th Mar 10K  Trafford 10K
 5th Mar  10K High Legh 10K  67 Members running
  26th Feb  10M Rhyll 10
 26th Feb 12K National XC Championship
  19th Feb ½ Marathon  Wrecsam Village Bakery
 19th Feb ~5M Birchwood XC
 12th Feb 6M+ Parbold Hill Race
 5th Feb  10K  Mad Dog 10K
  29th Jan  5M  WRC 5 Miler
  29th Jan  10K Mast 10K
 29th Jan  8/12K Northern XC At Knowsley
 22nd Jan XC Town Park
 15th Jan ½ Marathon Helsby  Pete & Tony set club records
 7th Jan XC  County XC Champs
 7th Jan  10K Clivedon
 18th Dec XC  Arrowe Park
 11th Dec 10K Tatton Yule Yomp
 4th Dec  XC  Otterspool XC
 4th Dec 10K  Wilmslow 10K  Lynn & Jenny set club records
 4th Dec  10 Miles Stockport 10  Lee sets club record
 20th Nov ½ Marathon  Conway ½
 20th Nov ½ Marathon 13 Arches ½
 20th Nov 10 Miles  Preston 10
 20th Nov  10K Tatton 10K
 13th Nov XC  Beacon Fell XC
 13th Nov  10K Windmill 10K
 12th Nov  Ultra  Warrington Way
 12th Nov  10K Cheshire 10K
 6th Nov  Helvellyn Trail
  6th Nov Delamere Night Run
 30th Oct Marathon Frankfurt
 23rd Oct  XC  Clarke Gardens XC
 23rd Oct 5 Miler WRC 5 Miler
 16th Oct Marathon Toronto
 16th Oct ½ Marathon  Manchester ½
 16th Oct Marathon  Amsterdam
 16th Oct  5M Green Drive 5
 9th Oct 10K  Winsford 10K
 9th Oct   ½ Marathon  Oxford Half Marathon
 9th Oct  Ultra Lakes In A Day
 2nd Oct  10 or 17M  Sandstone Trail Races
  2nd Oct Marathon Chester Marathon  Lee set a new age group club record.
  2nd Oct 10K  Matalan Merseyside
  2nd Oct  10K Blackpool Stanley Park
 24th Sept  ½ Marathon Macclesfield Half
 24th Sept 10M  Swinton 10M
 24th Sept 10K  Preston 10K
 17th Sept ½ Marathon  & 10k EHM 47 Members ran, Lynn and Jonnie set new club records.
 10th Sept  Various  Whistle Stop Tour
 10th Sept  ½ Marathon Great North Run
 10th Sept ~5K North West Road Relays
 3rd Sept  ½ Marathon  Bolton Half
 3rd Sept 20M  South Cheshire 20
 3rd Sept 10K  Wigan 10K
 3rd Sept Ultra  Gritstone Grind
 3rd Sept Ultra Grand Tour of Skiddaw
 29th Aug Ultra  Leeds to Liverpool
 29th Aug  5K Blackpool Illuminations
 26th Aug  5K Mid-Cheshire 5K
 21st Aug  10K  Birchwood
 11th Aug  5K Sale Sizzler
 7th Aug  ½ Marathon Leek HM
 3rd Aug 5 M Pie and Peas
 28th July  ½ Marathon North Wales HM
 28th July 5K Sale Sizzler
 28th July Ultra Lakeland 100
 21st July  ~5M Harrock Hill
  17th July  ½ Marathon  Cheshire  ½ Marathon
  17th July Ironman  Bolton Ironman
 17th July Ultra Race The Stones
 14th July 5K Sale Sizzler
 13th July 5M Sefton Park
 7th July ~5M The Wizard
 6th July 5K Forest Park
 3rd July 5k & 10k Lymm Trail Race
  30th June 5K Sale Sizzler  New club record by Lee
 30th June 10K Warrington 10K
 26th June  ½ Marathon Rhyl Run Fest
  26th June 10K Colshaw
 19th June 5K  Hollins Green
 19th June 5K & 10K Northwich
 19th June 10K Mersey Tunnel
 18th June ½ Marathon High Peak
 16th June 5K Dunham Massey
 9th June 5K Bowden
 5th June ~5M Wincle Trout Run
 3rd June 5K Birchwood Brook
 29th May  Marathon Buxton
 29th May  Marathon  Edinburgh  And ½ Marathon
 29th May Marathon Liverpool RnR  And ½ Marathon
 27th May 5K Dunham Massey  Peter, Andrew and Linda set club records.
  22nd May  10K  Great North Run
 22nd May 10K Crazy Cow
 17th May 5 Miles Walton Park 5
 15th May  ½ Marathon Chester Half Marathon
 8th May Ultra Helsby Sandstone Challenge
 4th May ~5 Miles Round the Runway
 2nd May  5K, 10K Liverpool Spring
 2nd May ½ Marathon CTS Pembroke
 27th Apr 5K Mid-Cheshire  Club records for Jim, Peter, Andrew, Chrissie and Linda
 24th Apr  10K  Whitley  Club record for Andrew
 24th Apr  Marathon  London Marathon
 24th Apr Marathon Madrid Marathon
  17th Apr 17K Hawshead Races
 17th Apr 5K, 10K  Port Sunlight
 10th Apr  Marathon  Manchester Marathon  Club record for Georgina
 10th Apr 10K  Cheshire 10K  Club records for Jonnie and Peter
 10th Apr  Marathon  Rotterdam Marathon
 10th Apr Ultra Kielder Ultra
 3rd Apr ½ Marathon Wilmslow HM
 27th Mar 5M Hale 5
 20th Mar  10M  Thirsk  Jonnie set new 10K club record
 20th Mar  18K  Lakeland Trails
 20th Mar 20M Trimpell
 13th Mar  10K Trafford 10K
 13th Mar  20M  Knighton 20
 13th Mar ½ Marathon Liverpool Half  Jonnie set new club record
6th Mar 20M Wrexham 20
 6th Mar  ½ Marathon Anglesea HM  Club records for Jonnie and Amy
 28th Feb 10K High Legh  90 Members runinng 5 club records
  27th Feb 10K Blackpool 10K
 27th Feb National XC Championships
 21st Feb 10K  Standish Trail Run
21st Feb  ½ Marathon Great North West
 21st Feb ~5M Birchwood XC
 14th Feb ½ Marathon  Wrexham Village Bakery  Jonnie & Lee set new club records
  7th Feb 5M  Alsager 5
 7th Feb 10K Mad Dog 10K
 30th Jan  11K NOEAA XC Championships
 17th Jan ½ Marathon Helsby HM  Georgina sets new club record
 9th Jan   ~5M Cheshire XC Championships
 2nd Jan  ~5M Arrowe Park XC
13th Dec ~5M Town Park XC
29th Nov  10M  Stockport 10M
29th Nov  10K Tatton Yule Yomp
28th Nov  ~16M Dorset Coastal Challenge
22nd Nov 5M Pennington Flash Festive 5
22nd Nov RAM Mini Marathon
21st Nov 10K Chedderton 10K
15th Nov ~5M  Beacon Fell XC  Jonnie came 6th.
15th Nov ½ Marathon Conwy Half Marathon
8th Nov  ~5M Stadt Moers XC
7th Nov  10K  Cheshire 10K
7th Nov  42M Warringon Way
1st Nov ~5M Clarke Gardens XC
1st Nov Marathon  New York
1st Nov 5M Norton Priory 5
25th Oct  Marathon  Dublin
25th Oct  5M Fairclough 5
18th Oct  5M Green Mile
18th Oct 10M Farndon
4th Oct 10K Winsford 10K Lynn was first in her category
4th Oct Metric Marathon/ Marathon Chester
27th Sept 9/17M Sandstone Trail Races
27th Sept 5K/ ½ Marathon Macclesfield Races
27th Sept Marathon Loch Ness Marathon
27th Sept Middle Distance Eirias Triathlon
27th Sept ½ Marathon Trailffest (Ffestiniog)
20th Sept 10K/ ½ Marathon English Half Marathon  29 Members running, 9PBs
13th Sept  1/2 Marathon  Great North Run
13th Sept 1/2 Marathon Wirral Half
13th Sept Gritstone Grind
13th Sept Olympic  Sandman Triathon
13th Sept Sprint Nantwich Triathlon
6th Sept  10K Salford 10K
6th Sept 10K Wigon 10K
6th Sept  1/2 Marathon Stockport Hatters
6th Sept 13.1M Delamere Trail Race
26th Aug 5M Harrock Hill Fell Race
23rd Aug 10K Birchwood 10K
15th Aug  5M/10K/14M Race The Train
8th Aug Sprint Allerthorpe Triathlon
6th Aug 5K Sale Sizzler
5th Aug 5M Pie and Peas
2nd Aug 1/2 Marathon Cheshire Half M  New club record for Peter LLoyd
26th July  50/100 Miles Lakeland 50/100
 26th July Sprint Diva Triathlon
25th July 1/2 Marathon Snowden Trail Race
19th July Ironman Bolton Ironman
12th July 10k We love Manchester 10K  PBs for Amy and Phil
9th July  5K Sale Sizzler  All (4) members running got PBs
8th July 5M Wizard 5M
5th July 5k/10k Lymm Trail Races
1st July 5K Forest Park 5K
28th June 10K Colshaw 10K
25th June 10K Warrington 10K 30 Members competed
21st June 5K/10K Sport In The Port
20th June 1/2 Marathon Mid-Wales Train HM
13th June Half/ Full Marathon  Liverpool RnR races
13th June 5K Hollins Green
11th June  5K Dunham Massey 5K
7th June  10K Liverpool Tunnel 10K
4th June 5K Bowden 5K
31st May 5K Birchwood Brook 5K
21st May 5k Dunham Massey 5K
23rd May  ½ Marathon Buxton Half Marathon
16th May  ½ Marathon  Chester Half Marathon
16th May Tri  Wilmslow Spring Triathlon
16th May   Marathon China Great Wall Race
16th May   ½ Marathon Eyam Half Marathon
9th May 34M Sandstone Trail Run
10th May  10K Manchester 10K
3rd May  10k Liverpool Spring 10K
26th April Marathon Blackpool Marathon
26th April Marathon London Marathon
23th April 5M Run the runway, Mobberley
19th April  Marathon Manchester Marathon
19th April 10K  Whitley 10K
18th April  10K  Cheshire 10K
15th April 5M Cheshire Spring 5
12th April Marathon Paris Marathon
5th April 5M Hale 5M
29th Mar  ½ Marathon Liverpool HM
22nd Mar  ½ Marathon Wilmslow HM Jonnie and Lynn set new club records
14th Mar 5K Conway Park Run
8th Mar 10K Trafford 10K
8th Mar  ½ Marathon Oulton Park HM
8th Mar 10K Oulton Park 10K
7th Mar 5K Lyme Park Run
7th Mar 5K Widnes Park Run
1st Mar 10K High Legh 10K 53 Member, 31 PBs
22nd Feb XC Birchwood XC
22nd Feb  ½ Marathon Malta ½ Marathon
22nd Feb  ½ Marathon Great North Run, Blackpool
14th Feb 5K Druridge Bay Park Run
8th Feb 10K Mad Dog
7th Feb 5K Widnes Park Run
1st Feb XC Beacon Fell XC
31st Jan 5M  Alsager 5M
31st Jan  5K  Delamere Park Run  30 Members competed
31st Jan  5K Montacute Park Run
31st Jan 5K Warrington Park Run
24th Jan  ½ Marathon Winter Trail ½ Marathon
24th Jan Ultra Marmot Dark Mountain
24th Jan 5K Warrington Park Run 1 yr anniversary
17thJan 5K Warrington Park Run
11th Jan XC  Town Park XC
10th Jan 5K Warrington Park Run
3rd Jan  XC  Cheshire XC Champs
3rd Jan 5K  Warrington Park Run
29th Dec XC Stadt Moers  Ladies 1st overall
25th Dec 5K Warrington Park Run
21st Dec 5K Warrington Park Run
13th Dec  5K Lymm Santa Dash
13th Dec 5K  Warrington Park Run#47
7th Dec  10K Tatton Yule Yomp  Fancy Dress!
6th Dec  5K Warrington Park Run
30th Nov XC Arrowe Park
29th Nov 10K Chedderton
29th Nov  5K Warrington Park Run
23rd Nov ½ Marathon Conway ½ Marathon  PBs for Paul, Steve and Emma
22nd Nov 5K  Warrington Park Run
16th Nov  10K Leeds Abbey Dash Andrea gets PB and club record
16th Nov ½ Marathon  Gower Coastal ½ Marathon
15th Nov 5K Warrington Park Run
8th Nov  5K Warrington Park Run
2nd Nov  10K Cheshire 10K 8 PBs
1st Nov 5K Warrington Park Run
26th Oct  XC Clark Gardens
25th Oct 5K Warrington Park Run
19th Oct ½ Marathon Arley ½ Marathon
19th Oct Marathon  Amsterdam Marathon
19th Oct 10K Bangor 10K
18th Oct  5K Warrington Park Run  Andrea 1st Lady
12th Oct ½ Marathon  Wirral ½ Marathon
11th Oct  5k Warrington Park Run#38
5th Oct Marathon Chester Marathon  21 Members Running
4th Oct 5k Warrington Park Run
28th Sept  ~11 Miles Sandstone Race
28th Sept  ½ Marathon Macclesfield ½ Marathon
27th Sept  5K Warrington Park Run
21st Sept ½ Marathon English ½ Marathon  27 Members Running
20st Sept 5k Warrington Park Run
13th Sept 5K Warrington Park Run
7th Sept ½ Marathon Great North Run
7th Sept  5M Fell Harrock Hill 
7th Sept 10K Salford 10K  Andrea 1st in her Category
6th Sept 5K Warrington Park Run
31st Aug 5K Warrington Park Run
31st Aug 5K Congleton Park Run Andrea 1st Lady
24th Aug 5K Warrington Park Run
17th Aug 10K Birchwood
14th Aug 5K Sale Sizzler With Olympians
7th Aug 5M Pies and Peas
2nd Aug 5K Wythenshaw Park Run
2nd Aug 5K Warrington Park Run
31st July 5k Sale Sizzler 3rd Race
27th July 10M Great Warford
26th July 5K Warrington Park Run Possibly incomplete results
19th July 5K Congleton Park Run
19th July 5K Warrington Park Run
17th July 5K Sale Sizzler
16th July 5 Miles Sefton 5 Miler
15th July 5K 5K Time Trial
13th July 10K We Love Manchester 10K
13th July 5K  Warrington Park Run
10th July 5m Trail Wizard 5M Championship race
6th July 5k, 10k Trail Lymm Trail Races Our own race!
2nd July 5k Forest Park Ladies 5K Ladies only/Championship race
29th June 10k Arley Hall
29th June 10k Run Fest Welsh 10K
29th June 5k Warrington Park Run
26th June 10k Warrington 10K Championship race
21st June 5k Lymm 5K Championship race
21st June 5k Warrington Park Run
19th June 5k Duham Massey#2 Championship race
15th June 5k Sport in the Port 5k
15th June 10k Sport in the Port 10k
14th June 5k Hollins Green Championship race
14th June 5k Warrington Park Run
8th June 10k Liverpool Tunnel 10K
7th June 5k Warrington Park Run
31st May 5k Warrington Park Run
29th May 5k Bowden 5K Championship race
25th May Marathon Edinburgh Marathon
25th May Ultra Grand Union Canal Race
24th May 5k Warrington Park Run
18th May ½ Marathon Chester Half Marathon
18th May 10K Manchester 10K
17th May 5k Penrith Park Runs
17th May 5k Warrington Park Run
17th May 5k Cornwall Park Run (New
10th May 10k Trentham 10K
10th May ½ Marathon Leeds Half Marathon
10th May ½ Marathon Saint Clair Vineyard (New
3rd May 5k Warrington Park Run
26th April 5k Warrington Park Run
24th April 5.3m Trail Mobberley Round the
Championship race
20th April 5m Run the Runcorn Bridge
19th April 5k Warrington Park Run
13th April Marathon London Marathon
13th April 10k Whitley Championship race
6th April Marathon Manchester Marathon
5th April 5k Warrington Park Run
30th March 10k Cheshire 10K
29th March 5k Warrington Park Run
23rd March ½ Marathon Wlimslow Half Marathon