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The club has a winter championship to foster (friendly) competition between members. The championship consists of a series of races and the best performances as several distances (e.g. Marathon). This allows us to:

  • Focus on getting a good turnout of members at a select group of events,
  • Support local events,
  • Improve member’s performance through internal competition.

At the end of the season there will be awards for:

  • The overall male winner
  • The overall female winner
  • The highest placed M40 runner
  • The highest placed L35 runner
  • The highest placed M50+ runner
  • The highest placed L45+ runner

Past championship winners can be found here.


The Lymm Runners winter championships run from October 1st to March 31st and the races for 2017/2018 are:


Date Event Type
1 1st Oct Winsford 10K Trail
2 Oct/Jan/March Best WRC 5 Miler Performance Road/Trail
3 29th Oct Clarke Gardens XC XC
4 4th Nov Cheshire 10K Road
5 12th Nov Beacon Fell XC XC
6 26th Nov Wilmslow 10K Road
7 10th Dec Arrowe Park XC XC
8 6th Jan Cheshire XC Championships XC
9 14th Jan Runcorn XC XC
10 28th Jan Walton Park XC XC
11 4th Feb Mad Dog 10K XC
12 25th Feb Birchwood XC XC
13 4th March High Legh 10K Road
14 10th March Cheshire 10K Road
15 * Best Half Marathon Time
16 * Best Warrington Park Run
17 * Best Marathon Time

The best 9 performances will count towards the championship.


For each race in the championship, each runner would get a number of points depending on their position in the list of runners from the club. Non-runners would get a fixed number of points based upon how many runners there were.

For instance, if the recent Warrington parkrun was in the championships then the points awarded would be:

Pos Name Points
22 Stuart Berry 1
33 Julian Dickinson 2
57 Tony Sala 3
82 Peter Burton 4
89 Mary Burton 1
100 Tim Martland 5
180 Jane Oakley 2
228 Emma Scammell 3
233 Kate Pike 4

And all the other males in the club would get 5 + 15 points and the other females get 4 + 15 points.

For the Best of (e.g. Marathon), all the times achieved by runners during the period are combined together as if it was one race and the points are calculated as before.

The championship is decided by totaling up the lowest 8 points for each runner and the runner with the lowest score is the champion.

Sandstone Trail

Members may run in either the 10.6M (“B” Race) or the 17.1M race ( “A” Race). The 10M mile starts 7 miles into the 17M race 1 hr after the start of the 17M race start so that both races finish together. For scoring purposes both sets of results will be combined together and the extra distance that the B Racers missed out will be calculated according to the formula:

“A” Race estimate = “B” Race Time  + (“B” Race Time/10.6)*1.1*6.5

This equates to a 10% drop in performance over the extra distance.

League Table

As of 1/October/2017, only members who have participated in one or more events are listed.

Mens Championship

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Ladies Championship

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