Club Policies

Our Policies folder graphicThis page carries links to some of our key club policies. Click the links to download a PDF version. Any queries – please ask!


Code of Conduct – All members

We are nice people and we play fair. That’s basically our code of conduct!
But this means being nice to everyone and being fair to everyone too.

The Policy is short but important – Code of Conduct-Members


Code of Conduct – Leaders, Coaches, Officials & Volunteers

There are just a few additional things club officials need to be aware of – these are listed here:  Code of Conduct-Officials


Social Media Usage – All Members

With an increasing reliance on our Facebook group for club communication – please be aware that any posts to the club group can be seen by the entire membership. Nobody should feel hurt or upset by anything posted – and if anyone does find any post troubling, please report it as Social Media iconssoon as possible.

Social Media Policy Guidelines are on a single sheet of A4 – Social Media Policy


Health & Safety Statement – All MembersHealth and Safety icon

As a club, we recognise our responsibility (and yours!) for health and safety when running.

Here’s our policy: Lymm Runners H&S Policy


Incident Handling Policy – Run Leaders

This is primarily aimed at Run Leaders – it describes priorities when handling an incident – what to do if there is an accident, a runner gets separated from the group or a farmer gets mad at you…
The following documents present the same information; one as a diagram; one as a written description:

Risk Assessments

We have three assessments of risks affecting our regular running sessions:

Event-specific risk assessments are available on request.


Data Protection – All Members

Data SecurityOur Data Protection Statement summarises your rights as a data subject.

Our Privacy Policy details why we need the data we gather, what data we gather, what we do with it and who we share it with.