Caption Competition 2017

Courtesy of David Faulkner, proceedings at the AGM this year were eased along with the Caption Competition. Here are some splendid examples (and we hope to show off other great captions the next time we have a captive audience):

Tinned tuna
“Take me, No me. No, take me.”

Jenny M

“Hills are our (particularly Downhill) friends.”

Katie G

 Liz -”I did all that for a tin of tuna? I won’t take anything less than Prosseco”


“Madness in the darkness”

Debbie C

“Let’s hope there are no lamposts on this park run.”

Emma S

Amy! Was that you?”

Jenny M

“She Wee’s take a bit of getting used to.”

Debbie C

“Come on you lazy lot, there are pies to be had”

Jenny M

“What’s that bastard Farage doing here?!”

Chris P

“We have to climb to the top and do what?”

Rebecca E / Irene

“Is that Kieran hiding down there in the mud?!”

Lisa F

“Bib..Check, Running shoes.. Check, Garmin..Check, Kayak.. err!”

Emma S