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Get Involved!

We need magical volunteersBeing a club official can sometimes be a lonely occupation – we’d love more magical people to get involved.

You don’t have to take on an entire role (though if you’d like to – do let us know!), maybe you could take on a share in an existing role, or work with us in a particular area, or contribute to a short-term or ongoing project…

Current Project Teams:Rocketing!

  • Clubmark Team
    Clubmark is an accreditation awarded by Sport England to community-based clubs who deliver high standards of welfare, equity, coaching and management.
    To achieve this we have to provide evidence of good practice against a broad set of criteria. We have much of this already, and we hope to complete our application by March 2018.

    Current team: Lynn, ChrisP, George, Jenny, ChrisL
  • Marketing Review Team
    This is not a marketing initiative, simply a review of how we currently communicate with potential runners, sponsors & wider community – it’s an area we could improve
    Current team: TBC (this one has been delayed whilst we focus on Clubmark – please let us know if you could help!)


Don’t assume that particular skills are required – or that we’re looking for a full-time commitment. Sometimes, the most valuable input is a bit of constructive feedback and simple encouragement. If you could contribute please email (or have a chat with) Lynn or Tim.